As a family, we’ve spent five generations growing and selling the highest-quality citrus juices right from our orchards in Sicily. Now, we’re offering Ingrilli® products in the U.S. so we can continue to share our family’s passion with you.

Ingrilli®: Arriving along the shortest path from orchard to you.


About Us: Ingrilli Citrus Today

The Highest Product Standards

From our orchard-to-bottle manufacturing process to our strict quality standards, we take pride in knowing that every bottle of Ingrilli® products lives up to the Ingrilli® family name.


At Ingrilli®, we don’t just “label” our organic line as such – we live it. We test every batch of our organic products against common pesticides, and we have zero tolerance for any contamination or preservatives. That’s why we’ve earned the official USDA Organic seal of approval.


Ingrilli® is proud to be an official participant of the Non-GMO Project, and we are Non-GMO Project verified for all of our products.


When we first opened our doors in 1880, we promised to deliver the highest-quality, freshest products on the market – and we still live to that standard today. That’s why we only use the freshest fruit and the latest production equipment, processes, and facilities to produce every bottle of Ingrilli® juice on the shelves

Our Role In the Community


We care about sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why we focus on the health of our soil and on ensuring that any water and resources used in the production process are properly treated and recycled. We also partially power our production facility with renewable energy, and we aim to be fully powered by renewable energy by the year 2030.


We like to give back to our community, donating our juices to food charities that service poor families, children and homeless, as well as to local charitable events. We also support organizations caring for the environment, including tree planting initiatives that aim to create a healthier atmosphere for generations to come.


We believe in relationships, quality, and community – which is why we work with a network of local farmers in Italy. This not only ensures the sustainability of the farming economy but also helps us maintain juice quality and ensure peak freshness and flavor standards.

Company History

Our Story

We are a family-owned business with five generations of farming and producing citrus juices in our family orchard in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily. As a family of farmers, we are fully committed to the products that we produce, and we’re proud to offer the labor of our love to the world; a line of high-quality citrus-based juices delivered directly from orchard to you.

All our juices and condiments are batch-produced in our own facilities in Sicily. We follow the strictest food safety standards, and we don’t outsource any of our production. This allows us to squeeze the freshest lemons, maintain the highest quality, and produce the best-tasting juices on the market today.

The Ingrilli® Family Timeline

5 Generations And Counting: Over a Century of Quality Commitment

1880 – The Beginning of the Citrus Business

It all started with our great great grandfather Giuseppe Ingrilli (1st generation), a farmer in northern Sicily who grew chili peppers and other vegetables. Every Saturday, he would travel 50 miles to sell his harvest at the Messina fresh market, where he began to notice that lemons were growing in popularity among Messina’s wealthy and aristocratic families. He decided to plant young lemon trees in his hometown of Capo d’Orlando in Costa Tramontana so he could sell the fruit in the fresh markets. Soon, his orchard reached over 100 hectares and other farmers began to follow suit. Before long, Capo d’Orlando became one of the most popular lemon growing areas in Sicily.

1930 – Expansion

Giuseppe’s children – our great-grandparents – continued in their father’s footsteps. His son Francesco Ingrilli, in particular, worked to grow the business by expanding the citrus fruit fields and by extracting cold-pressed essential oil to sell at the market along with the juice.

1964 – From Fresh Lemons to Lemon Juice

After many years of growing and selling fresh lemons and producing essential oils, our grandfather Giuseppe Ingrilli Sr. (3rd generation) was inspired to offer an alternative to fresh lemons – so he started to produce high-quality lemon juice in the family-owned production facility and sell the Sicilian lemon juice worldwide.

1995 – Organic Bottled Lemon Juice

Years later, his son – and our father – Dr. Francesco Ingrilli (4th Generation) developed the market for organic lemon oil, a cold-pressed essential oil that became popular throughout Central Europe. Later he introduced glass-bottled organic lemon juice with the goal of providing the first preservative-free, bottled organic lemon juice to the market. Our family business was the first company in the world to produce a pure organic bottled lemon juice, and it is now a market leader for Sicilian organic lemon juice.

2005 – Introducing Lime Juice

Soon, our family realized that we could provide our customers with more than just lemon juice, so we decided to add a lime juice option to complement the lemon line. We partnered directly with farmers in Mexico and Brazil and began buying lime juice that was shipped directly to Italy. Today, we bottle the lime juice in the same production facility in Capo d’Orlando, all while following the same strict high-quality standards of the lemon production.

2019 – Expansion to North America

After many years of sharing high-quality juices worldwide, our company now offers juices directly under the Ingrilli® name in North America. With this expansion, we’re proud to say that we can now share five generations of achievement – and the essence of our family’s passion – with you, bottled and shipped directly from our family to yours.

2021 – Introducing Ingrilli® Organic Ginger Squeeze Blend

In 2021, we decided to expand our offerings once more with Ingrilli® Organic Ginger Squeeze Blend. A flavorful plant with a myriad of health benefits, ginger is a natural companion to lemon and lime, and a favorite of the Ingrilli® customer family around the world. That’s why we decided to partner directly with farmers in Peru to buy the world’s highest quality, organic ginger juice and ship it directly to our family production facility in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily. There, it is blended with our signature organic Sicilian lemon juice and bottled using the same high-quality standards we always demand — and the Ingrilli® traditions continue to expand.