Ingrilli Citrus Ingredients Sales

Ingrilli Citrus is proud to offer high-quality, citrus-based juices and raw materials as bulk food ingredients. All of our citrus products are produced using the freshest fruit and the latest methods in order to ensure the finest final product and the highest quality available.

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Our organic raw materials – which include not-from-concentrate juice, juice concentrate, essential and distilled oils, pulp cells, and peels – are made exclusively from fruits grown using certified organic farming methods. This ensures the highest possible quality, flavors, and aromas in each of our final products.


Our high-quality raw materials make the perfect, aromatic base for many recipes, and they are suitable for both culinary and cosmetic uses. This includes our not-from-concentrate (NFC) juice, juices concentrate, essential and distilled oils, pulp cells and peels.


Lemon PGI “Limone di Siracusa”
Blood orange
Blood orange PGI “Arancia Rossa di Sicilia”

Grapefruit, white and red
Bitter orange

Juice Concentrates

Made out of 100 percent natural material, our juice concentrates are minimally processed to ensure peak freshness, flavor, color, and product quality. They can be used in a wide range of applications – both culinary and cosmetic – and they provide a cost-efficient way to add exciting flavors to your foods and products.

NFC Juices

Using only natural fruit picked at peak season, our NFC juices are gently pasteurized and refrigerated to provide extended shelf life. Our NFC juices are never made from concentrate, and we do not add preservatives. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a specific composition, we can follow your customer specifications on brix, pulp content and packaging type to create a tailor-made product that fits your needs.

Unpasteurized / HPP Ready / Cold Pressed NFC Juices

Processed with absolutely no heat or steam, our unpasteurized juices are as fresh as they get. Using all-natural fruits picked at peak season, we wash, sort, and press our juices following the strictest of guidelines. The packed juice is then immediately frozen at -18c (0 F) in order to ensure the best possible flavor, color, and nutrition retention.

Warning: This juice has not been pasteurized. This juice will be treated by the receiving customer at the receiving facility to achieve a 5 log reduction in pathogens, as required by the FDA, before going to retail. Raw juice is not intended for direct retail to the customer.

Pulp Cells

We obtain our pulp cells from the endocarp of the citrus fruit. This versatile ingredient is most commonly used to prepare smoothies, yogurts or jams.


Our citrus peels still contain some essential oil, making them a particularly aromatic and fragrant product. Available in 3x3mm and 6x6mm cubes, they are packed frozen or in brine – and they can be perfectly utilized to prepare candied fruits, jams, and sweets.


We also produce fresh essential oil. Our essential oils are incredibly aromatic due to our unique production process: we start by cold-pressing the peel, then filtering the oil and storing it at + 4° C. This yields a high-quality, versatile oil that can be used for the production of perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy, detergents, drugs, beverages, and bakery products. The production also includes distilled oils.